Have to clear the shop for move at the end of this month. MOVING SALE IS ON. Offering $5,000 discount on our last 2 RIG48 Pro CNC Routers So you can get a manual tool change Router for $31,000 with included software, pump, free training, support. ASK FOR FORMAL QUOTE – 2 LEFT WITH DISCOUNT. Buy now and add options when the $ comes in. You can add any of the options as a later date. Let me know if you want a detailed list with prices and options. 1 year Warranty – Single or 3 Phase – Available immediately: Free Training and Support via WIFI connection – We can run your router remotely.

* Remote support and training via WIFI connection from Vancouver to your site. Your router can be completely run remotely. . Check us out on youtube. www.youtube.com/fgpcnc  Availability: Immediate • Shipping from Vancouver extra. Call for formal, detailed quotation. MORE INFO … Who is FGPCNC? Go to www.fgpcnc.com See video at: youtube.com/fgpcnc Will provide shipping quotations. Router Location: Vancouver B.C. Call Jim to discuss – 905 745 6663



  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • 6 tool changers but could be upgraded to up to 10 tools
  • 10 inch Gantry Height
  • 5 HP European Spindle head air cooled,
  • Tool measuring touch-off,
  • Vacuum Table with T-Slot assist,
  • 208-220V 30 Amp and single or 3 phase
  • High torque hybrid servo motors, 900 PPM travel speed,
  • Graphic user interface,
  • Single phase vacuum hold-down pump with 365 CFM airflow

CSA Certification SOFTWARE optional.

  • FGP controller full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation) job simulation and graphic user interface (HMI)
  • Toolpath software
  • Vectric CUT 2D CAD/CAM software for CNC and Laser.
  • SEE: vectric.com/products/cut2D-pro

Availability: Immediate

  • Shipping & Handling extra.
  • We have optional add-ons – i.e. Engraving Laser head (beside Spindle), 4 D lathe & Plasma cutter.
  • Our components are universally recognized, quality brand-name components.

All come with Computer, FPG controller, Tool-path software
All units can be run remotely with a small learning curve. Most users are up and running within a week and a couple of training sessions.

REMOTE LOGIN SUPPORT, which allows for offsite support, training and troubleshooting – all included.
Call for formal, detailed quotation. Location: Vancouver B.C. Shipping to GTA – $2,600. Call Jim to discuss – 905 745 6663

Call Jim to discuss – 905 745 6663 – Hamilton, Ontario