1 Eurovac Dust and Fume Extraction System – $59,000 OBO

40 H.P.

Model: – COL-25F-N4800030

Year: 2022 – Basically New Description:

Dimensions: 6’3” x 6’9”x 15’ 7”

Filter Media: 20 Nanofiber Filters (6280 sq. ft) Canister(s):

55 Gallon Weight: 3230 lbs (without fan) Equipment

Specs: Filtration: Rectangular separator with nanofiber Cartridge filters (99.93% at 3 microns or larger) and final automatic compressed air pulse jet cleaning

Canister: 30 Gallon C

ontrol Panel Specs:

460 and 575 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 hertz

Start/Stop Overload protection Run Light

Hour Meter

120 V Step Down Transformer (i.e. Control remote on/off switches 24VDC

Sequential On Demand Auto Pulse Jet includes Proportional Type ‘On Line’ Cleaning. ‘Off Line Cleaning’

Filter Differential Pressure (dp) Display Dirty Filter Fault Shutdown/Light General Pulse

Jet Fault Light

40 HP Heavy Duty Backward Incline Fan 6000 CFM @ 24” W.C.

Silencer for 40 HP HDBI Fan

Platform, Ladder & Cage Broken Filter/Bad Detector

Location: Burlington, Ontario –

all Jim www.cncsales.ca – 905.745.6663