‘These machines are used on a daily basis by a door manufacturing company, that requires exacting tolerances. They are serviced according to rigid schedules to bring them up to, ‘like new’, standards. Other machines are coming in next week and space is required thus the price.’

Celaschi Automatic Double End Tenoner –  Model: 320 – Clearance Price $6,900

Year: 2000 Trim Tenon Machining Center Type T.S.A. 320.DS

• Programable opening

• Opens to 120”

• Score, Hog, and cope

• Cope all CNC controlled with 8” under the nut.

• Score 2.2KW

• Hog 7.5KW

• Cope 7.5KW

• In very good condition

• All motors rebuilt

• Central Oil Lubrication System

Brand new Control Panel All Manuals Opens up to 10’ All electrical components complete replaced 3 years ago

All Motors rebuilt Daily Production Clean machines, run daily

Location: Oakville, Ontario Call Jim – 905 745 6663