A unique CNC Router – $19,500 – Now $17,500. Must go. Owner passed. Wife selling. If you don’t mind changing the bits (2. min. max.), this baby does all the functions of its very expensive big brothers.

This AXYZ  6000 Router can be operated in a garage/outbuilding with SINGLE PHASE, 220 Volts, 13.3 Amp power and yet is it industrial size 7’ x 10’. Lightly used. This router was used sparingly and is in MINT condition. A real prize. – Now $17,500. Wife wants it gone.

It’s massive process area, 7’ x 10’ lends itself to large projects, sign-making, solid surface fabrication, aluminium fabrication, plastics fabrication, marine fabrication, cabinet making and more.

The table is vacuum plumbed and presently uses a Shop Vac & clamps for material hold-down. A vacuum pump could be added if required.

A rugged 5.5 HP, variable speed, (to 21,000 RPM), Perske Spindle cuts and routes with ease. A hand-held Pallet control saves CAM files and manual operation of the router and Perske Spindle. All files can be created remotely and then exported to the controller. Complete Manuals and extra bits come with the router. It is under power in Mississauga, Ontario Call Jim – 905 745 6663 cncsales.ca